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Is there life after death?

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 1:52 am    Post subject: Is there life after death? Reply with quote

I can’t conceive of nothing after you die, a feeling of nothingness but still awareness of consciousness perhaps but not absolutely nothing at all. I experienced this sensation when I slipped on the playground and hit my head as a child. I passed out for what seemed like an age and awoke to the school nurse slapping me vigorously on the face. I didn’t want to regain consciousness, I was in some kind of peaceful limbo, it was the most blissful euphoric experience ever. I was aware that I was surrounded by darkness, it was like floating in the universe but without any stars. It wasn’t exactly a near death experience but felt of a similar nature.

On the CH4 program ‘Kill Me to Cure Me,’ there was a woman talking about how she had an outer body experience when in suspended animation, a new medical procedure which lowers your body temperature and stops you heart beating. She described the usual scenerio, heading towards the light, seeing her grandmother and how returning to her physical body was painful, like diving into icy water. Anyone else had a near death experience? A friend of mine who’s mother died on the operating table for several minutes, and then came back to life, vaguely remembered a life review involving a few souls, if memory serves. This is a topic that is humourously depicted in the film ‘Defending Your Life’ with Meryl Streep and Albert Brookes. Both parties had to undergo a trial, in which scenes from their life were shown on a large screen in order to discover whether they successfully overcame their fears. Depending on the verdict, they could either move onwards or would have to return to earth. Of course, they didn’t want to be segregated as they had fallen in love.

I am particularly interested in the theory of reincarnation. I find it rather illogical that you could learn everything you know in one lifetime. During this process, I think the soul or subconscious discards the physical body and is then transferred into a new form, like electricity activating a machine. I read somewhere that there is usually 50 years between incarnations but judging by the programme, ‘The boy who lived before’ it sounded as if after you die, you just fall immediately through a hole or portal into your new life. Can’t remember why the 50 years was suggested, maybe time is not relevant in the afterlife ie: 50 earth years could pass in a split-second, chance for a life review perhaps and the opportunity to decide whether you want to return to earth to experience further or whether to stay in utopia indefinitely.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 3:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

-Haven't seen either of the programmes and haven't (thank goodness) had any near death experience so can't comment a great deal. Who knows - I've an open mind about it. Some people do seem to be more 'evolved' than others and seem to have life sussed. Not sure whether I'd like to come back - seeing as it would probably be as a carrot or something. I suppose I hope that I'll be subsumed into the completeness of everything with the awareness of the fact.
(- That I was complete that is, not that I was a carrot)
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